The Salt River Christian Fellowship has a rich history of establishing very successful churches in the communities within the Salt River Area. We recognize the need to change our approach and involvement in church planting in order to continue the same success we have experienced for decades. It is because of this together with the aging active members of our fellowship that we are undergoing an extensive review and development of a strategic plan for the future of the fellowship. 

Our Directors are committed and invested in developing a prayerful and Holy Spirit led plan that will continue the success of the Salt River Christian Fellowship,

Wayne King, Fox Creek Christian Church Elder 
Ricky Boggs, Glensboro Christian Church Elder
John Hume, Anderson Christian Church Elder
Gary McGaughey, Briar Ridge Christian Church Member
Kevin Reynolds,  Camp Calvary B&G Manager
Lance Ladd,  Willisburg Christian Church Minister
Adam Sayre,  Mt Eden Christian Church Senior Minister
Ivan Spencer, Fox Creek Christian Church Lead Minister