1.  Planting 
         SRCF will strive to help Plant a church every five years.
  2.  Leadership 
         SRCF will help produce strong qualified Leaders in our churches and fellowship.
  3.  Unity 
         SRCF will promote, build and help sustain Unity within the SRCF Churches.
  4.  Strengthening Churches 
         SRCF will be a Hub to Strengthen our churches in spreading the Gospel.

Our plan includes shifting to meeting only 4 times a year with mostly seminar formats. These gatherings will be scheduled based on various calendar considerations and central meeting locations. 

Wayne King, Fox Creek Christian Church 
John Hume, Anderson Christian Church 
Gary McGaughey, Briar Ridge Christian Church
Kevin Reynolds,  Camp Calvary 
Lance Ladd,  Willisburg Christian Church 
Adam Sayre,  Mt Eden Christian Church 
Ivan Spencer, Fox Creek Christian Church